Office hours are Monday-Friday, from 9:00-5:00. The office is closed between 1-2. Parking decals are issued between 9:30 AM and 5:00 PM. Call the Campbell emergency number for after hour BUILDING emergencies (Elevator malfunctions, running water, leaks, etc.)
DRCA Office number: (561) 276-3792

Campbell Emergency number 
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​Don Wallis                     President

​Frank Harrison             Vice President

Artie Hoffmann            Secretary

Eugene Proctor             Treasurer 

Fred Gless                      Director

Dr. Ed Cooperman       Director

​Christopher Stoyan      Director
Our Staff
These are the hard working people that keep our community in such great shape!
                       Thank You!
Robin Bordelon          Property Manager
Thomas Bates            Maintenance  Supervisor
Angela Bevington       Admin / Bookkeeper
Jean Charles              Assist. Maintenance
Ibis Valdes                 Janitorial
Henry Segura             Janitorial
Wissman Charles       Janitorial
Our Board Members